Restaurant Bars and Cafe

Why Altminds for Restaurant Bars and Cafe

Meal Combo Management

Create a meal packages menu and manage its price, taste variation and selling history effectively.

Kitchen and ordering station

Send customers’ orders to the kitchen display station instantly and monitor the cooking status easily.

Sales report generation

Create reports of P&L, margin and other sales related reports of every branch accurately and quickly.

Recipe and Cost Management

Standardize the taste of the food in all branches. Manage cooking priority & manage the cost of production.

Centralized offers and promotions

Analyze insights of customers’ buying patterns, preferences etc to tailor offers and promotions across branches.

Track orders

Customers will get their order on-time as the preparation process is monitored by the system.

Controlled Inventory

Use automated reordering based on specified stock levels to adjust restock levels to ensure you never have excess or shortage of stock.

Manage table numbers

With the clear layout of the operational floor, you can set up and manage table numbers. Allocate numbers to servers and track work.

What We Offer on Restaurant Bars and Cafe

Order Management

Altminds ERP helps you manage your orders. All the orders can be viewed in an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. Filter orders by its order status and also by invoice type. Streamline inventory management, provide actionable analytics, and handle billing.

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Invoice Management

Streamline restaurant bookkeeping

Stop wasting time and money on manual, paper-based processes by automating manual, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

  • Real-time visibility into costs
  • Enable informed purchased decisions
  • Make it easy to keep financial information flowing across locations

Point of Sale(POS)

Fully integrated payment solutions for a seamless experience

Make an impact on your bottom-line with quick transactions and robust inventory management from our suite of POS solutions.

  • Process your payments faster and reduce errors
  • Easily track sales and inventory in real time with our comprehensive and simple reporting & dashboard

Kitchen Display System

Optimize your productivity by sending orders directly to the kitchen, so your staff no longer need to make a trip to the kitchen to pass the order.

  • Greater convenience for staff
  • Source of data & intelligence
  • Order Optimisation
  • Effective display of information


Digital Signage System

Control your screen anytime, anywhere with no technical or design skills required. Dynamic slideshows, HD videos, and more.

  • Unlimited Digital Menu Board Zones
  • Customizable Menu Board Templates
  • Quick Order

Production & Cost Management

Comprehensive production report lets you to view all aspects of your business needs. These are reports for different units use, such as total production by product and by department, as well as sales reports.The unit production report allows you to get a summary of what needs to be prepared.
Cost of prodcution based on the items consumed from the recipe would be calulated bot for the complete production and also based on individual cost.

Delivery Management

This is the most unique & demanding sector of any service industry. We helps business operators monitor their delivery driver's & makes sure it satisfies customer's expectations.

  • Know where your drivers are going, and time order was delivered
  • Identify drivers’ trip route
  • View past history - trips by date, driver, and order number
  • Destination information passed to driver for each order through the app

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