Factories and Mills

Why Altminds for Factories and Mills

Purchase & Internal Order

Outlets or Sites can generate PO's to their stores or other suppliers, right through the systems. Internal Orders are products that are consumed within factory or Mills.

Convert PO/DO into Invoice

Generated Purchase Orders or initiated Delivery Orders can be converted into invoices in an instant. Create and send quotations to multiple Customer's.

Approval Management

Approve and disapprove purchase requests from all departments, location, or employees with just one click. Minimize unauthorized purchases.

Multi price list

Create a different price list for each prospect and send quotations based on the specified price lists, right through the systems.

Easy Backorder Management

You can adjust items delivery and payment from vendors based on goods received.

QR Code Management

Manage your inventory and track stock movement across multiple locations fast and accurately.

Full Traceability

Track products coming into your warehouse and get notifications when your order is shipped and received.

Simplify production

Consolidates batch information and manages multi-staged production controlling costs and overheads.

What We Offer on Factories and Mills

PO's /IO's /DO's

Our ERP helps you manage all your orders. we have Purchase,Delivery & Internal Orders viewed in an intuitive dashboard that allows you to manage all your order types in a single view. Filtered by its order status and also by order type. Streamline inventory management, provide actionable analytics, and handle billing and Delivery Management.

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Invoice Management

Streamline bookkeeping

Stop wasting time and money on manual, paper-based processes by automating manual, time-consuming and error-prone tasks.

  • Real-time visibility into costs
  • Enable informed purchased decisions
  • Make it easy to keep financial information flowing across locations


Inventory Management

Inventory can be managed individually by sites, outlets and multiple Stores which seperately distributes between their stores. Inventory stocks are updated based on production and stocks received from outlets.

  • Unlimited products managed by unique ID's
  • Customizable reordering during either ordering or invoicing.
  • Printing Of Labels with customisable details and QR code.

Packing & Labeling

Comprehensive production report lets you to view all aspects of your business needs. These are reports for different units use, such as total production by product and by department, as well as sales reports.The unit production report allows you to get a summary of what needs to be prepared. After production labels are printed and stocks are auto updated into the system.

Delivery Management

This is the most unique & demanding sector of any service industry. We helps business operators monitor their delivery driver's & makes sure it satisfies customer's expectations.

  • Know where your drivers are going, and time order was delivered
  • Identify drivers’ trip route
  • View past history - trips by date, driver, and order number
  • Destination information passed to driver for each order through the app

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