Production & Inventory System

We have a centralized place where you can manage every detail of your order by delivering a savory blend of features to help you grow.

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Production & Inventory System

Streamline your processes and boost your productivity with our system. It is an easy-to-use solution that provides you with the information you need to simplify managing events and planning and know every aspect of your production operations.

Production Process


Comprehensive production report lets you to view all aspects of your business needs. These are reports for different units use, such as total production by product and by department, as well as sales reports.The unit production report allows you to get a summary of what needs to be prepared.

Our system helps in the planning based on day-to-day orders or inventory based. This feature helps in avoiding item wastage and in simplifying the production process, apart from being a time-saver.

Additionally, the module locks the unavailable goods to prevent them from being ordered. Through the inventory integration, the module ensures that the kitchen never runs out of supplies. Reports on the food production process can be generated at regular intervals and can be availed category-wise and date-wise.

Packing Labelling

After production is completed it moves to the packing unit where they are packed and inventory gets updated optionally we can print labels also.

  • Inventory gets updated and labels are also generated

  • Quantity produced versus actual quantity can be compared easily

  • Date wise production report can be generated from the system with a batch ID

  • Labels can be generated with the date of expiry, product name, quantity and QR code can also be generated

Delivery Management

This is the most unique & demanding sector of any service industry. We helps business operators monitor their delivery driver's & makes sure it satisfies customer's expectations.

  • Know where your drivers are going, and time order was delivered

  • Identify drivers’ trip route

  • View past history - trips by date, driver, and order number

  • Destination information passed to driver for each order through the app

Customer or Outlet update

Your customer is notified for every action made right from order confirmation, pickup and delivery status. They can leave special notes to the drivers and specify instructions for delivery. Customers can track the driver and get an approximate time of delivery. Once the driver gives a out for delivery update the invoice is autogenerated and emailed to the customer or outlet.

Driver Delivery management

Smart,efficient and cost effective deliveries does not need engagement from the entire team. Our system empowers an automated delivery process without disturbance and confusion.

  • Instant New Order Notification

    Never be lost, never be late. Driver will receive when order is assigned, even when the app is closed.

  • Real-time delivery information

    Manage all aspects of delivery business from a single dashboard. Make better decisions by knowing the number of deliveries in store, the drivers on road and your delivery times for the day.

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